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Providing "After Market Products", "Customer Retention Tools" and "Finance Department Training" to automotive dealers nation wide. IDS is a results-driven company committed to increasing dealers' bottom-line profits. Rather than simply offering F&I-related products and services, we provide total solutions to dealers nationwide.


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  • Vehicle Service Contracts

  • Gap Coverage

  • Tire & Wheel Protection

  • Ding & Dent Protection

  • Vin Etch

  • Appearance Protection

  • Bi Weekly Payments

  • Lifetime Oil Changes

  • Roadside Assistance

Vehicle Service Contracts

✦ When you choose the Vehicle Protection Plan that's right for you, you can purchase up to an additional 120,000 miles of coverage, depending upon the age, mileage, make and model of your vehicle.

✦ Protection Plan begins on the purchase date and expires according to the term or mileage selected, whichever occurs first.

✦ You can select from a national network of over 5,000 authorized service centers. And if you buy protection now, you can include the cost of the plan you choose in the financing of your vehicle.

Gap Coverage

✦ Total Loss Protection Coverage - It's called the "gap." It's the difference between the amount owed on your Retail Installment Sales Contract/Lease Agreement and the actual cash value of your vehicle at the time of a total loss.

✦ In the first several years of ownership, your car may actually be worth less than what you owe.

✦ If your car were a total loss, this "gap" could translate into thousands of dollars that you would still owe after the settlement from your auto insurance company.

✦ GAP may assist you if there is a difference between the auto insurance company settlement and your remaining finance contract/lease agreement balance.

Tire & Wheel Protection

✦ Tire & Wheel Protection Plan repairs or replaces tires damaged by Road Hazards, which include debris on the road surface or road surface conditions such as potholes, cracks and breaks.

✦ Provides for the replacement of wheels only when or if the wheel cannot be balanced, will not hold air, or the damage has affected the structural integrity of the wheel.

✦ Cosmetic and structural damage to tires and wheels caused by collisions with curbs or abnormal wear and tear are not covered.

✦ Any tire and/or wheel failure caused by accidents, theft, vandalism, misuse, negligence is also not covered.

Ding & Dent Protection

✦ Unlimited paintless dent removal (PDR) repairs for dings, dents, creases and body damage - up to the size of a standard credit card.

 ✦ Covers all top and side surface panels, including aluminum vehicles.

 ✦ Hail or acorn damage will be repaired using the Dent Wizard PDR process, up to $500 or the amount of your automotive insurance comprehensive deductible, whichever is less.

 ✦ Factory finish remains intact and all repairs meet the manufacturer warranty specifications.

Vin Etch

✦ Secure Etch is a vehicle identification system that leaves a permanent record in your vehicle's windshield, side and rear glass.

✦ This proven system makes it impossible for thieves to remove your unique vehicle ID number without defacing or replacing the glass.

✦ Professional thieves steal cars they can sell quickly and easily.

✦ They will not steal a car they cannot sell.

✦ By installing the Secure Etch ID system on your vehicle's glass, you make it harder for a thief to sell your car, and therefore, a far less desirable target.

Appearance Protection

✦ Appearance Protection products increase the value of your vehicle at time of trade-in or sale.

✦ Interior and exterior products are available to protect from sun, acid rain, spills and stains.

✦ Fully insured programs offer the security the customer requires at the time of a claim.

✦ Multi year terms available. All products are environmentally safe.

✦ Maintenance packages are also available to enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Bi Weekly Payments

✦ Bi-weekly savings are achieved by simply paying half of your monthly auto loan payment every two weeks and making 1.5 times your monthly auto loan payment every sixth month.

✦ By the end of each year you would have paid the equivalent of one extra monthly payment.

✦ This additional amount accelerates your loan payoff by going directly against your loan's principal.

✦ The effect can save you thousands of dollars in interest and take years off of your auto loan.

Lifetime Oil Changes

✦ No cost oil & filter changes for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

✦ Factory-trained technicians performing your vehicle maintenance.

✦ Longer vehicle life with proper maintenance.

✦ Help maintain highest vehicle resale value.

✦ Savings of hundreds of dollars over your lifetime of ownership.

✦ Discounted minor, intermediate, and major services.

Roadside Assistance

✦ A service that will rescue you if your car leaves you stranded, even if it's your fault.

✦ If locked out of car, service will come and open it up.

✦ Out of gas, service will deliver some fuel (usually enough to get you to the next gas station).

✦ If there's a flat tire, service will change it for you.

Customer Retention Tools

IDS will show you how to retain existing customers and attract new ones with our support for auto trade marketing. We will demonstrate a wide range of services to show your customers that your dealership more to offer than the competition. Attract new customers and increase satisfaction among existing customers. Secure a competitive advantage by setting yourself apart from the competition. Target your customers directly.

Finance Department Training

IDS will work with your sales staff to meet the performance and compliance needs of your dealership. IDS will conduct regular PVR and product penetration monitoring, interview and menu training, monthly sales meetings, pay plan consulting, daily progress reports, compliance support and more.

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